When my Butt took me all the way to Paris for FREE!

You probably didn’t know this.. butt! Nine years ago I was strutting my stuff on a catwalk in Paris…

If I were to write a how-to guide on bagging a title like best butt and landing an all expenses paid trip to Paris to strut my stuff on a catwalk it would go something like this:

1- Be open to opportunities, especially those staring you right in the face.

That’s how I found out there was a competition for the Best Butt. I was at K-mart and there was this GIANT sign advertising the competition.

They were looking for a male and female over 18 years-of-age who had a perky rear. Having been genetically gifted in that department It became a big YES from me.

2. Challenge yourself and keep your eye on the prize

So at the time, I had gained some weight and I thought this would be a great idea to help motivate me to get in shape.

I remember logging into the competition online, uploading my photos, and checking my ranking every day… The more my votes climbed the harder I went in the gym.

When I landed in the top 10 I almost wore the conveyer belt off the treadmill – I wanted that number one spot that much!

3 – Invite other people on your journey.

I entered my brother into the competition – we did it for a bit of a laugh but as it turned out he was climbing the leaderboard alongside me and it wasn’t long before we both ended up on a catwalk in Woolamaloo Sydney. Having the time of our lives might I add.. SOO MANY Zoolander moments..


4 – Make it about something bigger than you.

When my brother and I took out the Australian title ( I know right, what a PR dream) we won some prize money as well as an all expenses paid trip to France for the world title.

During a live interview on the Channel Seven Morning show, we announced we had decided to give our prize money to a family we knew back home who were dealing with some devastating news.

I won’t go into too much detail about it here but let me just say they got a big shock when they tuned in and saw us standing there on national TV in our underwear announcing the decision.To this day, its one of the best memories of my life.

5 – Be present, take in every moment while it lasts.

The competition in Paris was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. After 35 hours of travel, we didn’t even get to check into our rooms before we were in front of the camera at our first photo shoot.

Even though we were exhausted and jet-lagged we were just so excited to be part of the production. As all the competitors rolled in from all around the world we became fascinated with their stories.

Remember this was 2008. Myspace was pretty much the only social media platform which I paid any attention to and getting to know strangers on the other side of the world was still a very new concept to a lot of us which is why it was so great spending the week we had together with our new friends.

Despite the reversals and official duties taking up most of our time, we still managed to make the most of being tourists in Paris.

Its almost been 10 years since we were there but because I felt so present in the moment – I can still recall so much detail.

To this day, I continue to cherish those memories and friendships.


First Vid Feels

Is it just me or is it SUPER awkward filming your first video?

Are people usually gifted with the natural ability to not suck doing this?

I felt so uncomfortable doing this video but I decided it needed to be the first video.

If I am being 100% authentic in this process then this is where the journey should begin – not in another 50 takes when I shake off this feeling and turn into Ron Burgandy.

What are your tips for not feeling like a complete weirdo that’s been possessed by someone else the minute you hit record?

I’ll just keep rollin on these training wheels until I get better at this!