When you Party with Kase Media

What do you get when you mix champagne, two content marketing gurus, a stylist, a make-up artist and five other kick ass female entrepreneurs?

GREAT video content – and some fabulous friends!

I am one of the lucky few to experience the first ever Kase Media Party first hand and let me tell you, it was the best $150 I have spent in my business since I started freelancing seven months ago.

I have been REALLY struggling with being myself – especially on camera. After too many years wearing a suit and corporate mask I have been struggling with the concept of letting my own personality shine through in my business.

I don’t have to fit in a predetermined box anymore. It’s one of the perks of being your own boss – if people don’t like what they see, that’s ok. I know that in the long run, my vibe will attract my tribe!

Storm and Kristine have encouraged me to embrace what makes me unique. As a result of working with them for one day, I have come back inspired to make some big changes to how I portray myself online.

For starters, I rewrote the landing page on my website. I used to talk about what I do, but now I’m telling my audience who I am, what I’ve done and what I am still yet to achieve.

Words can only do so much on their own so I will be working with the girls in the near future to create more video content which will help complete strangers get a better gist of the personality behind the brand.

Kase Media Team
With Storm and Kristine from Kase Media @Kasemedia

As a result of being immersed in a full day training with Kase Media, I produced this quick little video. The girls asked a range of weird and wacky questions which at the time I thought was quite random. They then supplied the footage to me and I did my thing on iMovie and I ended up creating the video below.

I shared this video as soon as I got back from the workshop and I’ve had some great engagement!

Who would have thought toilet humour would be so relatable?

It’s now safe to say, Storm and Kristine have created a monster.

I can’t wait to produce my next clip!

Today I started filming a travel guide on doing New Zealand on $1000 budget, watch this space!




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