10 Things to do Before Going Back to Work in 2018

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week ~ Spanish Proverb

Welcome to 2018!

If you felt completely out of control in 2017 then read on, you are not alone! I quit my job in March 2017 to start not one, but two separate business ventures and fell into the common trap of chasing pay checks over unpaid tasks like personal organisation and setting up business systems.

So with a New Year ahead of me, I have finally sat down and devised a list of 10 tasks to complete to better prepare myself for the year ahead.

  1. Get the email inbox back to zero! I am currently sitting on 850. My plan is to get in there and unsubscribe to a bunch of automated emails and then set rules to some of the regular, non-urgent incoming emails so they can be automatically filed. I used mailstrom and liked it so much that I purchased a years subscription to their service for $39.95. It got the job done in just under an hour.
  2. Back up the iPhone Full disclosure here, I currently have 27,531 Photos and 1,599 Videos on my iPhone and its causing me daily anxiety and there are studies out there that show clutter, even the digital kind can impact your performance.
  3. Delete Apps you don’t use The typical smart phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day, according to a study by research firm dscout. If your scrolling across pages of apps to find the one you’re looking for you’re wasting time!
  4. Tidy up your Instagram feed It’s amazing how many people I still speak to who know nothing about Instagrams Archive feature. The feature lets anyone on Instagram hide their old posts without deleting them. Just go to the … in the top right hand corner of the image you would like to hide and the menu will pop up.10 things to do before going back to work in 2018
  5. Conduct your own digital audit Have you ever stalked yourself online? Is your Linkedin profile up to date? Have you triple checked your privacy settings on Facebook to make sure your personal information and images are on lock down? Is your website up to date? Are all the links are working correctly and do you have a recent blog post? If you’re failing to look organised and up to date online it could be sending that same message to your potential clients or employer.
  6. Manage your files  I upload important client documents into Wrike and I also use Google Drive and Dropbox to store files. I learned about the importance of backing up to a cloud based system earlier this year when my MacBook died at just 6-months-old. Delete any files you no longer need and keep your computer free of clutter – it will run better that way too!
  7. Set up your workspace I am one of those people who can’t work from a cluttered desk. I am also stationery addict. I thrive in a colour coordinated work space with a view to the outside world but I’m even happier working outside all together.Amanda Williams in Neutral Bay, Sydney NSWThere are also people who thrive in organised chaos too so what ever your style is, just make sure it’s exactly how you need it to be to be happy and productive when you’re at work.
  8. Make a vision board Up until now, I have never made a vision board and it’s not because I don’t believe in them. I have done research around what to include and I’ve read that its more important to focus on how you want to feel rather than the materialistic things you desire. There are no rules as to what you put on your own board. It is totally up to you but the general consensus is to include things that motivate and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.
  9. Start a journal Some of the most influential people in history wrote journals detailing their daily lives. I purchased the Best Self Journal a few months ago but failed to start using it despite my best intentions. The reason I bought this journal over a regular notebook was because it guides you through the process making it easy to follow if you’re a newbie like me.
  10. Map out the year ahead I purchased a $3 planner from Kmart for 2018. It shows a month at a glance so you can go through and map out all the key dates in your business as well as some personal time-out. The planner also becomes an effective tool in creating a content map for the year. You can expand on the key dates in your calendar to meet your monthly, weekly and daily content goals.