My Story

After winning the best butt in Australia in 2008 and traveling the world as an underwear model……………I ended up working as a conservative political media and communications advisor (You were not expecting that right?)

During my six-year career in politics, I spent four of those years living in my hometown on the Gold Coast and the Nations Capital in Canberra.

Inside Parliament House, as an inmate, I mean, as a staffer (inside joke there) I spent my 14+ hour days studying legislation, writing a million speeches and working with the local media back home.

At the time, even though I had an annual six-figure marketing and communications budget to manage I made it my mission to get as much FREE media exposure as possible. At the time, I was getting my boss around 300 local media mentions a year.

I did enjoy the little win’s associated with generating media, increasing engagement on Facebook and making Pollies look like real human beings but at the same time, I felt like I was losing myself in the process.

Even though I am grateful for the whole experience, I had never imagined myself working as a staffer.  I had a burning desire to work outside of Politics where my skills could easily support other people wanting to increase their public profile.

In 2017 I waved goodbye to Politics leaving the security of the workforce to strap my training wheels on as a newfound entrepreneur.

I now balance my work between my PR Agency and producing my own swimwear line (designed by the former best butt in Australia to give every woman a nice looking tooshie!)

Fingers crossed, I will be releasing my first collection soon!

I make a habit of meeting someone new each week over coffee, lunch, wine or video call so if you would like to connect, get in touch!


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She’s the former political media advisor who left a six-year career working between the Nations Capital and Queensland Parliament to manage her own client’s public relations, communications, and marketing.

Prior to legging it up the halls of parliament house in heels, Amanda spent the first professional chapter of her career as a real estate agent before going on to study a Bachelor of Communications with a double major in Public Relations and Journalism.

Six months out from graduation, ambitious dreams to host Getaway were sidelined after a chance meeting with a Federal Member of Parliament lead her onto a career as a political staffer.

For the next four years, Amanda traveled regularly between Canberra and the Gold
Coast. During the 2013 Federal Election, battled it out against former Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie to retain the seat of Forde.

During the 2013 Federal Election, Amanda managed the media circus following the former Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie’s announcement he would run against the sitting member for Forde.

In 2015, Amanda seized an opportunity to head up a brand new MPs office on the Gold Coast and left her federal role. After establishing solid networks on the Gold Coast, Amanda was recognized for two consecutive years as one of the Gold Coasts most outstanding young professionals as a finalist in the annual Business News Australia’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

In 2017, Amanda left politics to pursue her own clients as a freelancer offering bespoke public relations campaigns for small businesses and start-ups.